A Quick Note About Shipping Options

Hi guys!  I just wanted to give ya'll some info on my delivery process.

I wish I could work on The Angry Muffin all day, everyday!  However, I have a full time job Monday through Friday.  I have the most time to bake on weekends, so any orders placed during the week will be completed on the weekend.  You'll receive an e-mail when the order has been fulfilled, and we can schedule a time for pick up or delivery, whichever you choose at checkout.

Right now, I have two options:

  1. Free pick ups - You can either pick up your order from me at my house (in North Scottsdale), or from my work location (in Tempe).
    I'm generally available:
    - Tempe location - from 9:00am - 5:00pm, week days only
    - North Scottsdale location - from 6:00pm - 8:30pm on weeknights, and 1:00pm - 8:30pm on weekends.
    Obviously, this isn't always my schedule, but I'll let you know if I have any conflicts.  It's my intent to make this as convenient as possible.
  2. $5 deliveries - I'll deliver directly to you either after work or on the weekend.  I'd like to limit this to Tempe, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, but I'm flexible.

Please remember that these are homemade goods.  That means that they aren't pumped full of preservatives.  Butter, yes... preservatives, no.  They're best right after being baked.  I'll work to be available for pick up/deliveries to ensure your order is the best it can be!

If you need an item sooner, please add the Rush Order option (which is listed as an additional item) to your cart.  I'll work to fulfill your order as quickly as I can.  Please realize this is a one-woman show (but I'm still up to the challenge)!

We'll hopefully be able to offer shipping outside the state of AZ soon!  If you'd like to be part of my research into how to keep baked goods safe and fresh in the mail, please complete the Contact Us form and let me know!  Otherwise, check back for more info.

Welcome to The Angry Muffin!

Hi there!  Thanks for visiting our site!

My name is Stephanie, and I created The Angry Muffin back in November 2015.  It's been a slow process of testing recipes, pricing ingredients, building my site, and having my boyfriend, Brian, and our coworkers taste test.  But it's all coming together!  I'm excited to have the site up and running, finalizing the menu, and finally being able to start spreading the word.

In case you didn't know, I LOVE to bake.  But I didn't always love baking...

My family spends 90% of our time together in the kitchen.  It doesn't matter if it's a holiday and we're cooking everything in sight, or just hanging out - my Mom is always "piddling" in the kitchen.

Growing up, I hated cooking.  My spot was at a bar stool...watching.  I'd only help if I could do it from my seat... and if it didn't include touching raw meat.  Maybe I was intimidated by all the great cooks in my family, or maybe I just really hated it.  Regardless, my sister, Michelle, gave me my first cookbook - Baking Illustrated Ultimate Kitchen Companion for the Home Baker (link attached):

Y'all, this book changed my life.

At first, I was only interested in the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  They were simple enough, pretty fool-proof, and always came out huge, chewy, and delicious.  Granted, I didn't know if my family was raving about the cookies because they were so great, or because I was finally off my butt and joining the Farris Clan in the kitchen.

Regardless, I used that cookbook to start exploring other recipes.  Some were simple, some were intense, but they almost always turned out perfectly.  I've collected a lot of cookbooks and recipes over the years, but this is still my go-to book.  Sometimes, I think I gravitate towards it because I'm sentimental towards my sister breaking me out of my baking bubble.  But in reality, the recipes are just that good.

Now that I had my trusty cookbook, it was time for the KitchenAid stand mixer, which is also a rite of passage in the Farris Family.  My Mom received her mixer as a wedding gift - a dark blue, heavy piece of machinery that I had to lug back and forth from the pantry to the counter any time I wanted to use it (which wasn't incredibly often).  It always baffled me that her mixer was probably the oldest thing in the house, but had an immense amount of horsepower.  It finally died 30 years later, after helping create thousands of goodies.

When I was a teenager, I dreamt about which color mixer I'd pick out when my time came.  I didn't care about what I could make in it, it was more a decoration than anything else.  But my Mom always insisted that I had to have enough counter space to house it, and actually plan to use it.

When we moved to Phoenix and actually had a house, she finally agreed that it was time.  Brian and I went to every store that carried them.  We debated each and every color - could we really live with Pistachio Green for the next 30 years?  But in the end, I was ready to get baking, and realized the color was trivial.  We settled on....

Watermelon pink!

Coming to love baking has been a long road for me the last 10 years.  But I'm prepared with my favorite cookbook, mixer, and confidence to try any recipe at least once.  So let's get baking and let me cook up something sweet for you!